Supporting English at Universities & Colleges

Support foreign students

Can new students study effectively in English?
Can your graduates work in English?
How do you improve your students’ English?

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Australian and New Zealand colleges need to ensure non-English students are prepared for study in English, and later communicating at work.

Our solutions

  1. 1)The TOEFL Paper-based test
    - check a new student is ready to study in English.

  2. 2)Progress tests
    - make sure borderline students are improving their English
    with annual tests (TOEIC or TOEFL)

  3. 3)English Discoveries, an online English learning product
    - assist struggling students to improve their English with brief weekly encouragement to use our online learning, while you monitor their learning and improvement

  4. 4)English Discoveries with partnered English Schools
    - work with tutors who specialise in English learning, using English Discoveries and tutoring sessions to support and raise your students to the required level of English

  5. 5)Business English Test
    Graduating from your University is not intended to be a sign of English competence.
    Add a separate TOEIC certification to show their English level.

Tests you can administer

Authorised Test Centres can administer the following ETS tests:
TOEFL ITP Listening, Reading & Grammar
TOEIC Speaking & Writing

How you ensure your students are proficient is your choice.

  1. check all new students with a quick initial grading

  2. have teachers flag students who need an English skills check

  3. periodic tests until a student reach a minimum skill level
    (and then an optional Speaking & Writing test)


  1. Online learning with your supervision,

  2. Online learning with an English tutor’s supervision and support, or

  3. compulsory English schooling with your partner school, for those in need

Please contact us about how this can be done for your institution.