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The TOEIC® Test can be used to test current and prospective employees either at your Organisation, or at locations across Australia and New Zealand through Public Testing.

The consequences of having an employee with a lower level of language proficiency than the job really requires will have significant implications. Ensure your employees have English skills and:

  1. Ensure safe work practices 

  2. Maintain job performance 

  3. Boost levels of morale and enhance team interaction.

The TOEIC Test sets the standard for English language assessment worldwide. More than 5000 organisations around the world use the TOEIC Test to set the standard and gauge the workplace English skills of over 4.5 million current and prospective employees.  The TOEIC Test reflects authentic real-world tasks with a business orientation.

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Success & Safety
English language competency is a prerequisite for safe and successful performance in some jobs.  
We can help identify such jobs, and it is an easy process to establish performance standards.
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