The TOEFL Family
The TOEFL Test has been offered for over 50 years and is recognised globally for university entrance & immigration purposes.
iBT= Internet based test
        Public, Global
        Official result
CBT=Computer based
        Replaced by iBT.
        Results now expired
PBT=Paper based test
        Public, Global
        (if iBT unavailable)
        Includes TWE
        Official Result
        310-677 + TWE
ITP= Paper based test
        Same PBT scores
        Parallel test forms
        School administered
        Not Official

TOEFL® ITP - Institutional Testing

The TOEFL ITP provides schools with their own version of the TOEFL PBT Test, for internal use.

Will your students be capable of studying at an English-speaking College or University?

This test can improve a schools assessment quality by providing an objective, validated, long proven test as a component of a schools’ student assessment.

Schools can administer the test themselves, and score immediately if required.

It is paper-based multiple choice, and uses 100 percent academic content. It consists of 3 sections - Listening (35 mins), Reading (55 mins), and Structure and Written Expression (25 minutes). The Test takes just under 2 hours to complete and includes 140 Multiple Choice Questions.

The TOEFL ITP is particularly appropriate for

  1. - assessing English learners who wish to study in English

  2. - combining with internal assessments in pathway programs

  3. - admissions to non-degree study programs in English-speaking countries**

    ETS provides more information on the global site.

Easy administration

Administering the test consists of security measures on the tests, instructions read aloud to candidates, an audio (CD) component, and 2 timed components. Administrators must apply for accreditation to administer a test. The test administration is almost identical to TOEIC IP Tests.

Comparable to the TOEFL PBT Test:

The TOEFL ITP provides the same results as the TOEFL PBT, with the same reliability and validity. If your students will be applying for a course taught in English, they can look up the TOEFL PBT requirements and compare their results (unofficially) as they progress.

Easier versions are also available (CEFR A1-B1). The Level 2 TOEFL ITP test is for high beginning to intermediate candidates and is 70 minutes long, with 95 questions.

The ITP can not usually be used to replace official TOEFL PBT scores

An institutional TOEFL ITP result is different to an official PBT result in 3 key ways:

  1. 1.It was administered by the school, not an ETS testing centre.

  2. 2.The form was a random existing form (10 new forms/year, not a new form every test).

  3. 3.It does not include the TWE Written Essay, so you don’t get a separate 0-5 writing score.

The TOEFL ITP test is considered by ETS to be semi-secure. It doesn’t have a new form every session and was administered by a school. These security requirements are to protect against candidates who try to cheat, and are equally important for any test you accept.

Note: Some colleges and scholarship programs do recognise the TOEFL ITP. Check first.

Use for admission to non-degree level programs

Entry to non-degree level short-term programs have lower security concerns, and ETS endorses the use of TOEFL ITP. For degree-level programs, ETS endorses official/secure testing with TOEFL iBT

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