Public/Open Testing of the TOEFL ITP

Public Testing Fees

The TOEFL ITP is only available to schools in Australia

Enquire for details.

The TOEFL ITP is the college version of the TOEFL PBT. This test has been used (and improved) for over 50 years, and is highly respected with well understood scores. Your school may already use the TOEFL ITP internally as part of its course.

There are 4 reasons for a student to take an open TOEFL ITP:

  1. 1)To practice for the premium, official TOEFL iBT

  2. 2)To understand your progress in English, judging yourself against a Universities required TOEFL PBT score

  3. 3)As part of an NZQA approved entry test (which adds a separate essay test) - ask us about our Auckland partner.

  4. 4)If your institution requests an open TOEFL ITP score from international applicants  (eg: some schools in Brazil,
    Mexico, Germany and Indonesia)

Please read more about the TOEFL ITP and its purpose.

We recommend the official TOEFL iBT, as it is designed for
Official Testing and assesses Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing with a new test form
at every sitting. The TOEFL ITP is an excellent test which fulfils a different purpose.

* Prepare with the TOEFL ITP Examinee Handbook

  1. TOEFL ITP can be administered by you,
    onsite in your school. We can also use existing
    TOEIC Public Centres if required.