Administering ETS Tests

Tests you can administer

Authorised Test Centres can administer the following ETS tests:
TOEFL ITP Listening, Reading & Structure
Speaking & Writing
High Beginner tests TOEIC Bridge & 
TFi (French)

The Institutional Testing Program allows your school to administer the TOEIC and TOEFL Institutional Tests in-house. We will provide the tests, training, and scoring.

You’ll need to

  1. a)become an Authorised Testing Centre

  2. b)let us train teachers or staff for test administration
    (so we can register them as proctors)

Although you are administering the tests, we require a standardised testing environment and a high level of security.

Note: the qualification guidelines for a company or business are different to those for Schools, TAFEs, Colleges, and Universities.