TOEFL, combined with your internal assessment?

... or combined with TOEIC S&W

ETS also offers the TOEIC Speaking & Writing tests, available to schools for internal assessment.
These tests combine for a full ETS assessment of Listening, Reading, 
Speaking & Writing.


The need to assess 4 facets of English skills is well recognised - Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing.

However, a Listening & Reading test can be done more simply than Speaking & Writing - and without concern for the expense of using and controlling the differences in human assessors.

A full picture of your student’s abilities can come from combining your own writing assessments,
speaking assessments, interviews, class projects etc, with the TOEIC or TOEFL Listening & Reading Test.

This includes:

  1. -a quantified, objective, recognised assessment of their Listening & Reading skills.

  2. -your school’s qualitative assessments of their English proficiency with a focus on speaking & writing skills (as well as potentially their performance outside of test conditions)

  3. -an overall assessment using multiple components

Having 2 independent sources of results also allows you to explore any score inconsistencies, and to compare school scoring performed by different teachers

There is a great synergy when using a school’s own assessment alongside an external test.

Note: Providing recognised scores can be valuable for university and job applications. TOEIC is a known score in Japan, Korea, France, Taiwan and many Asian countries, while TOEFL ITP and PBT is also known internationally, particularly in the Americas.