TOEIC® - Listening and Reading Tests

Test update 2017
The TOEIC Test is periodically refined.
The current ‘update’ of TOEIC was released in 2017 (older forms were referred to as “redesigned”, and the older “classic” have been discontinued”.
In 2017 the TOEIC Test is being further improved.
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The TOEIC test is a Paper & Pencil test consisting of 2 sections - Listening (45 mins) and Reading (75 mins). The Test takes 2 hours to complete and includes 200 Multiple Choice Questions.

The test is an English proficiency test and can be applied in a variety of ways. In English speaking countries it is commonly used by language schools, and can be used by Colleges and Universities to check English levels of graduating students. In non-English speaking countries it is most commonly used by companies and Universities who wish to ensure their applicants or graduates will be able to communicate internationally.

ETS's TOEIC program is Internationally recognised - it is the most widely used General Business English language Exam and is taken more than 7 million times each year around the world. Test takers will receive a score report as part of their assessment, and those tested in public centres can have their scores verified by ETS worldwide.

Links of interest:

  1. The TOEIC User Guide contains information on test content and format, administration, scoring & results, score use, policies and guidelines, statistical characteristics, and research.

  2. The TOEIC Examinee Handbook is designed for test takers

For more information on the test please see the international ETS TOEIC Page