Public Testing Dates (Listening & Reading)

Speaking & Writing

Speaking and Writing is available in Sydney and Auckland. 

Register your interest early for this and other locations.

The TOEIC Test will be tested on the following dates.


  1. BulletFriday 16th February

  2. BulletFriday 16th March

  3. BulletFriday 13th April

  4. BulletFriday 11th May

  5. BulletFriday 8th June

  6. BulletFriday 6th July

  7. BulletFriday 3rd August

  8. BulletFriday 31st August

  9. BulletFriday 28th September

  10. BulletFriday 26th October

  11. BulletFriday 23rd November

  12. BulletFriday 14th December

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