Testing occurs every 4 weeks, on Friday 

Public Testing in Australia (Listening & Reading)

Coronavirus Update

The TOEIC Test is open for testing in Australia.

Candidates are encouraged to defer testing if unhealthy.

2021 Public Testing dates:

  1. BulletFriday 15th January

  2. BulletFriday 12th February

  3. BulletFriday 12th March

  4. BulletFriday 9th April

  5. BulletFriday 7th May

  6. BulletFriday 4th June

  7. BulletFriday 2nd July

  8. BulletFriday 30th July

  9. BulletFriday 20th August

  10. BulletFriday 17th September

  11. BulletFriday 15th October

  12. BulletFriday 12th November

  13. BulletFriday 10th December

Please book 2 weeks ahead.

The Secure Program (SP) Public Test (公開テスト) provides the Official Score Certificate (公式認定証 / 공식 인증서)

Please contact the centre directly using the link provided below. If you have ANY problems, please contact us on 02 9542 4855 or toeic@pro-match.com.

Coronavirus update

See our Coronavirus update page for updates

Preparation materials:

Every test taker should read the Examinee Handbook.
See our preparation page for online learning, sample tests, and other options.


The following test centres are open during the 2nd half of 2020.

Currently closed.

Please email info@pro-match.com to enquire.

Sydney [Town Hall]

Melbourne [Collins St] 

Hobart   #2 Bring a friend 2-for-1 offer


Perth #2 Bring a friend 2-for-1 offer

If you have any trouble booking for a test, please let us know and we will help.

If required, more centres are available for testing.








South Australia

Western Australia