Online Learning

The new online “TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course” (TOEIC OLPC) can help you strengthen your English skills and also prepare you to do your best on the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test.
OLPC Placement    

High Beginner
Current TOEIC mark <550
or current CEFR A2

Current TOEIC score >550
or CEFR B1

Current TOEIC score >785
or CEFR B2 or C1

You can also take the
OLPC Placement Test

TOEIC Test preparation:

The TOEIC OLPC offers TOEIC quizzes as part of learning, and full practice tests.

The TOEIC Test and OLPC are packaged together at a combined price in New Zealand and Australia.
Ask your test centre when booking a Public Test.

Online Learning (& Preparation)

The TOEIC OLPC has 3 modules for high beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels (multiple modules can be purchased together at a cheaper price).

OLPC is an online English learning product designed by Edusoft.

Watch the OLPC course demo

EDO Online Learning

Edusoft’s full English Discoveries Online is available from Edusoft. EDO offer a full English course which can be taken on its own, or blended by a school with their classroom content. Specialised tourism, medical, and other courses are available.

Ask us for details or contact Edusoft directly.