Online TOEIC OLPC - New Zealand Details

ETS offers an official English learning and TOEIC® preparation course, online.

The online TOEIC OLPC (Official Learning and Preparation Course) offers English exercises with TOEIC quizzes as part of learning, as well as full practice TOEIC Tests.
OLPC Levels    

High Beginner
Current TOEIC mark <550
or CEFR A2

Current TOEIC score >550
or CEFR B1

Current TOEIC score >785
or CEFR B2 or C1

Take the 
   OLPC Placement Test

  1. Watch the OLPC course demo

  2. Take the OLPC Placement Test

OLPC Pricing

- 1 level,   2 months, for $90 *see bundle below
- 2 levels,  4 months, for $125
- 3 levels,  6 months, for $135
- 3 levels, 12 months, for $145

Bundle pricing:

- TOEIC Test for $230 (regular price, no bundle)
- 1 level OLPC + TOEIC Test for $230
                    (only available once each 6 months)
- 2 levels OLPC + 2x TOEIC Tests for $460
- 3 levels OLPC + 3x TOEIC Tests for $690

Ask your test centre when booking a Public Test.

Purchase any OLPC option to receive special pricing on your next TOEIC Test.