Half Price TOEIC in Hobart and Perth?

$90 testing?

>> Have you taken the Public TOEIC Test yet?
> Not yet. Is it the same as in Japan?
>> Yes, it’s exactly the same. Come and take it with me and we can get half price.
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These 2 TOEIC® Test Centres are trialling a special offer.

How to get half price:

  1. 1.Decide when you’ll take the TOEIC Test

  2. 2.Find someone who hasn’t taken the TOEIC in your city before. (We’ll call them your “partner”.)

  3. 3.Get your partner to take the TOEIC on the same day as you

  4. 4.Both get half price ($90 each).

Or invite a friend and split the cost in your own way!

Frequent Questions:

Must we book together?

  1. No, you can book separately. Just give your partner’s name.

My ‘partner’ and I have both never taken the TOEIC Test, can we get half price?

  1. Yes, as long as one of you hasn’t taken the test before.

Can we test in different months?

  1. No, you and your partner must test at the same session.

If my partner doesn’t book in what happens?

  1. Your test will cost $180. You have paid a $90 deposit.
    We will inform you 10 days before the test so you can remind them to book in.

If my partner pays but cancels, what happens?

  1. If they cancel over 2 weeks before the test they’ll get a refund, and you’ll pay $180.

  2. If they cancel within 2 weeks of the test, they get no refund and you pay the other $90.

Can I do this more than once?

  1. Yes. As long as you find a new ‘partner’ who hasn’t taken the test in Perth before.

I don’t know my partner very well, does that matter?

  1. You don’t need to know your partner at all.
    You can find a partner online or through other groups you belong to. Just supply each other’s names when you book, and both turn up, you’ll get the test at half price.

Contact your local TOEIC Test Centre to book.

  1. Hobart

  2. Perth


Perth & Hobart only

The $90 referral program is intended to introduce new candidates to TOEIC