Prepare for the TOEIC Test

Test takers should do some basic preparation, so that you know what to do and expect when you sit for your test.

  1. 1)Read the Examinee Handbook before testing.

  2. 2)To feel more comfortable about the test, try a sample test (1/4 length). Take the TOEIC OLPC Placement Test online.
    Remember what level you are for #4 below.

  3. 3)Take another sample test.
    a) print the Sample Test and follow the instructions
    b) use the following audio files
        for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

  4. 4)buy the online TOEIC OLPC for online English learning
    with TOEIC practice tests and TOEIC quiz questions.
    Buy the OLPC and get the TOEIC Test for half .

  5. 5)Read the Background Questionnaires before the test to make filling in the forms easier (in English or your own language).

  6. 6)Study English in Australia or New Zealand!
    Ask your test centre what they recommend.

The above are all provided by ETS and specifically designed for the TOEIC Test.

See also: TOEIC Bridge Preparation

Report Cheating

If you see any questionable actions please contact Pro-Match or the ETS Test Security hotline.

0800 42 4855 (NZ) 
02 9542 4855 (Aust) 

+1 609 406 5430 (ETS) 

No electronic devices, personal belongings, test content, talking between candidates, or taking a test for another person.