The Redesigned TOEIC Bridge Test
(October 2019 launch)

The redesigned TOEIC Bridge tests are a better way to accurately assess basic-to-intermediate English communication skills, helping you to place students correctly or evaluate their progress alongside your own internal assessments.

                            A1    -    A2    -    B1   -    B2

Measuring English proficiency across all four skill areas, these assessments can be taken together or as modules - most commonly the Listening & Reading test, or Speaking test - using common workplace scenarios and everyday situations.

If your school or company would like to run a trial with our new Bridge Tests please Contact us.

               Place students better             Improve program effectiveness            Track learner progress

We want to hear how you use assessments now to improve your student outcomes - and show you how the TOEIC Bridge might integrate with this and take it further.

  1. Download our flyer for more information.

  2. Learn more on the TOEIC Global site.