TOEIC Official Score Report or Official Score Certificate

             TOEIC公式の成績証明書 or 公式認定証

The monthly Public Test (公開テスト) (PP) provides the Official Score Report / Certificate.

Candidates may receive the Official Score Report or Official Score Certificate, depending on the country they are in. This is the same certified document with the same Secure Program (SP) scores. These include the candidate’s photo for identification, and can be verified worldwide.

The Official Score Certificate will be provided in Australia & New Zealand from September 2018 - and can be ordered now as an extra certificate.

Japanese or Korean candidates can now order extra copies of the Official Score Certificate, if they took the test within the last 2 years


공식 인증서


Yellow/Gold Reports with Photos are Official Certificates (SP/PP)

See more with ETS’s TOEIC Score Report & Certificate overview.

Official Institutional Score Reports

ETS Representatives can administer TOEIC Tests at any time (not only on Public Test Dates). These are NOT Public Tests.

Official Institutional Score Reports can only be verified within Australia or New Zealand by emailing with a copy of the report.

You can also contact the school the student studied with to verify the report.

It is not validated/verified by ETS globally.

The Certificate of Achievement

This is for framing and display in an office - particularly if you have earned the Blue or Gold certificate.

Not offered in Japan:
Not offered in Korea:
한국에서 제공하지 않음  

Basic Institutional Program (IP) Reports:

Companies can self-administer the TOEIC Test. This is the same test, but not taken under ETS approved secure conditions. This can also be taken online.

There are several similar versions of the report.

The global version is shown on the left. The Japanese version is shown to the right.

These will not be validated/verified by us even within the country.

They are intended for use by companies to assess incoming employees, and for schools to internally assess student progress.