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Stop Press! Minor update to the TOEIC Examinee Handbook on Dec 15. 

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New Test: TOEIC Test refinement!

  1. BulletIn may-2018 a refined TOEIC Test will launch in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

Learn more about the new TOEIC Test.

The “Official Institutional Score Report” rename, and Online testing availability

  1. BulletThe Institutional Score Report has been renamed, and has an improved layout.
    It is a more secure output, and enforces supervision standards we mostly meet here (we’ve already contacted any other schools directly).

    The “Official Institutional Score Report” is the same test, administered to the standards our schools have met for 15 years, and we will verify the result nationwide if asked.

    A new simpler administration will be available with a basic score slip.
    Companies can follow a “quick start” set of instructions, or use the online TOEIC Test. Schools wanting same day scoring of TOEIC can also apply.

TOEFL ITP with approved School S&W recognised by NZQA (Crown Institute)

  1. BulletIn 2016 the Crown Institute of Studies, as well as Aspire2 gained NZQA approval of their Speaking & Writing tests used in conjunction with the TOEFL ITP.

    The TOEFL ITP tests Academic English with the same TOEFL score that has been recognised for 50 years by Universities and other academic institutions. It is administered in the same way as the TOEIC Institutional test.

    The New Zealand Qualification Authority requires educational institutions to accept only high quality approved tests for entry into English programs. Schools can create these tests themselves, or high stakes Official tests can be used.

    Using TOEFL ITP means a validated recognised test is already part of a school’s regime.

    The TOEFL PBT plus ETS’s TWE has long been accepted. NZQA has approved the use of the TOEFL ITP (the institutional TOEFL PBT) along with Crown’s Speaking & Writing tests in place of ETS’s 30 minute essay.

Wanted: A list of your TOEIC related classes

  1. BulletPlease help us create a new list of TOEIC-related classes we can tell candidates about. This will be a service for students who ask us about studying here.

  2. TOEIC Prep classes

  3. Business English

  4. Courses that incorporate or significantly encourage TOEIC assessment as a performance indicator.

Feel free to ask what we’re looking for, or about the Quality Assessment program for schools.

Changed rule: When is it okay to mark the booklet?

  1. BulletIt’s a regulation not to mark test booklets - for the purpose of security and accurate scoring. In line with Japanese and Korean implementation of ETS policy, we’re no longer giving 3 warnings and then cancelling a score.

    Administrators will make sure students fill out their answer sheets correctly, and that they don’t use marks to cheat. This is the primary purpose

    In some cases an administrator will need to warn everyone to stop marking their booklets - and in this situation we may cancel scores for not following this regulation (and the administrator instructions). Cancellation will also occur for cheating.

    Learn more about making marks in booklets.

New terminology: Administrators and their assistants

  1. BulletTo avoid confusion with the term “proctor” we will increasingly be using the terms “administrator” and “assistant”. Note that assistants do not need to register but must be capable of the tasks you give them, and must have read the Administrator Guide.

    Learn more about the differences and requirements.

New: “Public Test Administrators”

  1. BulletTest Administrators in Public Test Centres have always been acting on behalf of both ETS and Pro-Match. They take off the “school test administrator” hat and put on the “ETS test administrator” hat, and test to our standards.

    To make that relationship clearer in 2016 we will register “Public Test Administrators”, and ask administrators to sign an agreement recognising that they are acting on our behalf.

    Stay tuned.


Use the Irregularity Report

  1. BulletWe know many irregularities are handled well by our administrators.
    Always note them anyway, even the small irregularities, and your fixes.

Always have an assistant, even in the smallest sessions

  1. BulletHaving an assistant ensures that one person is able to monitor the room, even when you’re dealing with a specific issue (or irregularity).  In a small session the assistant can be on “standby” - ready to assist when you need them - but if so please have them assist you briefly during setup, so candidates are aware of their position if they come in later.

    ETS asks each Room Administrator to have 1 proctor/assistant for every 25 candidates.
    (assistants can be almost untrained - see the new assistant requirements from above).

Stop tests for noise!

  1. BulletEvery couple of months we get an irregularity report about a nearby noise affecting a test session. Sometimes the administrator decides it’s not too distracting, but a candidate complains.

    It is okay to pause the CD, fix the problem, and restart the question. The noise is an irregularity in any case, but pausing the CD is often a better outcome than doing nothing.

Public Tests are different to Institutional Tests

  1. BulletThere continues to be confusion in some schools, with students being told the Institutional test “is exactly the same test”. This is misleading! There are critical differences.

        It IS the same test. Same testing procedures. Same score.

        Is is NOT a new form. It is NOT administered by an ETS representative.

    The results of an Institutional Test are usually not accepted when a student returns to their home country.

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