We offer Open Testing of the TOEFL ITP and TFI.

The TFI (French) test is available for people studying in Canada or France.

The TOEFL ITP is also available. Note that most institutions require the official TOEFL iBT, but this can be good practice.
TOEIC Public Testing at the Sutherland Test Centre


The TOEIC® Test is a test of a person's overall ability to use
everyday English in the workplace.

It is often used to gain employment, particularly throughout Asia,
or for Colleges to certify that an EFL student can use English in the
workplace.  It is the most widely used General Business English Language Exam and is taken over 7 million times a year.  It is broadly applicable, measuring the competency of those who want to work in English speaking countries, in tourism, or to communicate globally. 

Listening and Reading

Please use central Sydney test centres for Listening & Reading. 

The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is a Paper & Pencil test consisting of 2 sections - Listening (45 mins) and Reading (75 mins). The Test takes 2.5 hours to complete and includes 200 Multiple Choice Questions.

Speaking & Writing

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing test is an internet based test.
It takes 2 hours to complete.

  1. BulletSee upcoming test dates

If purchased with the Listening and Reading test, the L&R test will be administered at a separate Sydney test centre on a Public Testing date.

Pricing & Booking

  1. Applications should be 2 weeks before the test date 
    (late applications are often possible
    so please enquire). 

  2. The S&W test will cost $190 (or bundle with L&R for $280)

  3. The Speaking-only test will cost $130 (or bundle with L&R for $220).

  4. Postage outside of Sydney will cost extra.

  5. The candidate will receive the Official Score Report with photo, valid internationally for 2 years.

  6. Please make bookings by emailing us

Candidate Instructions

Testing starts at 3pm AEDT and finishes at 4:30pm. Please arrive 20 minutes before the test.

Candidates are required to bring their passport as ID, we will take a photo on the day.

Finding the Sutherland Testing Centre:

We are located at:     

  1. Level 1, Suite 3, Kirkby House
    33-35 Belmont St
    Sutherland NSW 2232


Street parking for more than 2 hours is hard to find on weekdays.

Glencoe Street may have 4-hour spaces available. Allow plenty of time to find parking.

Sutherland Train Station has all-day parking (limited). We recommend using public transport.

Public Transport:

The testing room is a 5 minute walk from Sutherland Station.

The NSW TransitInfo website can help find trains & buses.
(enter that you’re going to an “address”, then “5 Stapleton Ave Sutherland”)

Other Public Testing locations:

For testing in other locations please see the full list of TOEIC Public Testing Centres.

If you have any concerns or issues contacting your local centre, please email,
otherwise please email Beryl Gillett to organise testing in Sutherland.

Testing occurs on fixed dates and times