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Frequent Test Program PLUS

If you have your free membership, you can upgrade to the +PLUS+ program for $45
+ 12 months of OLPC     
   online learning with 
   5 practice tests, 
+ 5 copies of your report

TOEIC Frequent Tester

Members take the TOEIC Test for $90 (half price)

  1. *Taking 3 tests or more?
    Pay $90 (from the 3rd test onwards).

  2. Join the FREE program after 2 tests. OR

  3. Upgrade to the +PLUS+ program after 2 tests, for $45.
    Add: online learning, practice tests, & 5 reports. OR

  4. Start with the +PLUS+ program, upfront, for $10 more.

  5. *Take 2 tests for $370 ?
    Join the +PLUS+ program for 5 Official Certificates,
    and 5 practice tests with the full online TOEIC OLPC, for your preparation.

Apply to Join Online (regular form also available: PDF form).

About the FREE program

Take 2 full price tests and get free membership of the Frequent Tester program.


  1. TOEIC Tests for $90 in Melbourne with emailed results
    (* or $105 with Official Score Certificate)

  2. 1 Official Score Certificate of your chosen/best test result^

  3. Express posted to you (in Australia)


* No printed report for individual tests, just an email notice for $90 test takers.

^ When you’re ready, we’ll express post to you the report for your best result during the program. You choose when we send it, and which test date/result you want.

You can purchase an Official Score Certificate for $15 per copy.

Regular pricing:

  1. Bullet$180  per TOEIC Test, including one Official Score Certificate

  2. Bullet$15    per copy of your Official Score Certificate

  3. Bullet$30    Decorative/Wall Certificate of Achievement

  4. Bullet$10    Express post

Enquire, Join, and Take the TOEIC Test                                    Apply to Join

Have you already taken 2 tests? Or will you soon?

Email your enquiries to info@pro-match.com

Test Centres:

- Melbourne [Collins St]
- Melbourne (South East)

Want the OLPC to learn and prepare before your first test?

                          -> Join the +PLUS+ program before you test.

Terms and Conditions - “The Fine Print”

  1. +Trial available only in Melbourne.

  2. +Membership provides $90 tests for 1 year from joining (trial period)

  3. +Limited spaces available.

  4. +Tests will be taken in the same test centre unless specified.

  5. +Optional extra printed certificate fee $15 each, + add postage if required.

  6. +Upgrade to Frequent Test Program +PLUS+ is $45 only IF upgraded with a test purchase.