Covid-19 Coronavirus Update (last updated Jan 2022)

Dear Test-takers,

Testing is currently reduced at all centres. Testing is currently available in most centres.

Remember, in areas with high Covid cases, or government lockdowns, please defer testing if possible.

Cancellations are available with full refunds.

  1. Do not test if you have been to any hotspot,
    or have been in close contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 recently.

  2. Recent arrivals to Australia or New Zealand must obey all quarantine instructions. You can not leave a required quarantine to take a test.

  3. If you have flu-like symptoms or a higher temperature you will not be admitted.

  4. Candidates must follow government advice.

  5. An online Zoom-supervised Institutional TOEIC Test may be run as required.
    Email if you are interested.

  6. We ask candidates to bring their own pencils and erasers, for hygiene reasons.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!

Learn English Online (OLPC)

We know many of you have come here to learn English in an English-speaking country and to speak English with native speakers in everyday life, but this experience is not as easy as it was even a few weeks ago.

We would like to offer you a low priced OLPC bundled with a TOEIC Test.

Please email us for information.

Do not test in the following situations:

  1. If you are required to self-isolate, you are not permitted to take the TOEIC Test during this time.

  2. If you are living in a home with someone who is infected or required to self-isolate we ask that you defer your test to the following month.

  3. Anyone with flu-like symptoms will not be able to take the TOEIC Test.
    You can defer your test or get a full refund.

Covid-19 virus is having an impact on us all and we’d like to help you when we can. The health of test takers and our staff is our primary concern.

On behalf of everyone involved in the TOEIC Test we wish you the best health.

Please ask us about any concerns you have.

TOEIC A-NZ Management