Prepare for the TOEIC Bridge Test

The TOEIC Bridge tests at an easier level of English proficiency than the TOEIC Test, making it more appropriate for Beginner to Low Intermediate levels.

To increase validity test takers should be familiar with the test and questions, to ensure they can focus on the English questions rather than the testing process itself.

These following will help test takers to know what to do and expect when they sit for the test.

  1. 1)read the TOEIC Bridge Examinee Handbook

  2. become familiar with test directions and format

  3. learn how to mark answers on the answer sheet

  4. try sample questions in the handbook

  5. 2)Take the sample test, which has a few questions from each section.
    a) print the Sample Test and follow the instructions
    b) use this Audio File for the Listening section

  6. 3)Study English in Australia or New Zealand to improve English generally. More specifically, your teachers may be willing to take the class through the sample test and handbook in the weeks before you take the real test.

Other methods for preparing for the test include

  1. reading

  2. watching TV and videos

  3. listening to tapes

  4. speaking with friends and others

During the test

  1. Work carefully and quickly.

  2. Do not linger on any one question.

  3. Mark answers on the answer sheet, not in the answer book.

  4. Write neatly.

  5. Try to answer every question to the best of your ability.

  6. Pay attention to the time and pace yourself accordingly.

Report Cheating

If you see any questionable actions please contact Pro-Match or the ETS Test Security hotline.

0800 42 4855 (NZ) 
02 9542 4855 (Aust) 

+1 609 406 5430 (ETS) 

No electronic devices, personal belongings, test content, talking between candidates, or taking a test for another person.