Proctoring TOEIC or TOEFL ITP

Registered TOEIC/TOEFL Proctors are allowed to administer the TOEIC and TOEFL ITP test, and we will assist assessors to qualify and to maintain their proficiency as a Proctor.

Typically, a Proctor attends a training Seminar conducted by ETS TOEIC, and maintains certification through regular test administration, auditing, and refresher training either through attending update seminars or by acquiring disseminated information from colleagues who have trained more recently.

The training is designed to ensure familiarity with all forms of Test Administration, and with the TOEIC and TOEFL ITP test specifically, and may include formal lectures, observation, assisting, sitting the Test personally, reading books, manuals and guidelines, and discussion with colleagues and ETS personnel on a one-to-one basis.

Comprehensive documentation is supplied for each Testing session, including the official Test Administration Procedures Manual and the more specific TOEIC Testing Supplement.

Proctoring Certification is bestowed individually, and the qualification is transferable to other ATTCs.

Contact us for copies of Manuals and Guides, and for Proctor application forms.

Official Test Administration Procedures Manual

This outlines
receiving test materials
selecting a testing room
running a testing session
... and related topics
TOEIC Supplement

This is used during the whole test session. 
It provides
word for word instructions
Language & Country codes
 (and TOEFL Equivalents)

Client Support & Training