TOEIC Official Score Report or Official Score Certificate

             TOEIC公式の成績証明書 or 公式認定証

In Japan and Korea, TOEIC’s Official Score Report is called the Official Score Certificate. This is the same certified document with the same Secure Program (SP) scores. These include the candidate’s photo for identification, and can be verified worldwide.

Only the Public Test (公開テスト) (PP) provides the Official Score Report / Certificate.

Japanese or Korean candidates who require extra copies of the Official Score Certificate should ask for the Official Score Report  ( 公式認定証  /  공식 인증서  /  成績單/證書 ).

NOTE: Some Universities still ask for the old “Certificate of Achievement”. Check with your institution, and order what they ask for.

Other Reports and Certificates:

There are 2 other reports available. These are not the Official Score Report/Certificate.

The Certificate of Achievement does not have a photo and is not official. It is not the Official Score Certificate. (see left)

Not offered in Japan: 日本で提供されていません 
Not offered in Korea: 한국에서 제공하지 않음  

The Institutional Score Report is from the Institutional Program (IP) test. This is not an Official Score Report and does not have a photo.

There are several similar versions. The Japanese version is shown to the right.

While some universities and companies accept this report, it is administered and verified by the school you studied with, not ETS.

Yellow/Gold Report with Photo = Official Certificate !! (SP/PP)

Blue Report = Company or School’s Institutional Report (IP)